Self Mastery

By suggesting this, what am I hinting at, Self-mastery? Human beings are complex, intricate with diverse traits, yet we share common desires for self-acceptance, self-love, moments of nourishment, and happiness in various ways. The hindrance to our progress often stems from expectations, fear, lack of self love and impatience. A common theme that I work with often in clients, some questions that are usually asked: When will I find happiness? Have I met my twin flame? I’m uncertain about my career. I feel negativity from others and it affects me. People around me drain my energy. I struggle to commit. I can’t stop watching pornography. I’m unsure about my...


Unleash Self Love

Fuel your Passion. What is Self Love?  We’ve been hearing this term for a while now and how exactly do you find self-love? Most of us may think, well I do love myself? I’ve got it going…I have a great relationship, a big house, a successful career/business and a fancy car, what else do I need? It’s not really about what you need, there’s nothing wrong with having scored big with material gains! But are you using it for helping others?  The other ordeal is most of humanity is either starving, or consumed with materialism.  Humanity has lost connection with the most important component of our being, the disconnection...

Benefits of Hypnosis

Surprising Benefits of Hypnosis for an Inspired Mindset

In today’s contemporary life, stress is a major behaviour that is prevalent in our society. To cope with it, hypnosis is beneficial to the mind and body! Practicing yoga and meditation also proves highly beneficial in alleviating your mental stress to help reach new goals. Hypnosis reaches the higher subconscious state of your mind, where your soul is utterly relaxed and peaceful. Where your body is mentally, physically, and spiritually relaxed. This is similar to a guided meditation that reduces stress and puts you at ease.  A list where you can make the Most of Hypnosis: Results are, when people dissociate themselves from their subconscious, they have less control...


Health Benefits of Nutrition for a Healthy Body

 “A healthy mind is in a healthy body” – Juvenal To live a healthy and invigorating lifestyle, it is encouraged for a healthy mind, body, and soul, to have a nourishing diet and to be active everyday. It is essential for an active mind and a healthy body! Your mind can be stress-free with proper eating and exercise. And to make all these things possible, YOGA is a great alternative for activity.  The relationship between balanced nutrition and exercise can be termed “Carpe Diem” with the physiological and biological balance in your body and your emotions. Yoga is a contemplative activity requiring devotion and dedication with a healthy diet...


Your Blissful Soul!

There are many interpretations for spirituality, it is not about religion but rather a connection with oneself, a piece that seems to be missing. Perhaps an unknown that is unexplainable, something that is larger than our capacity to comprehend. Do you feel that you are constantly questioning what is out there? What is my purpose in life? Who am I? There is a sense of grasping for the unreasonable that can’t be reached, a sense of awe, sometimes even inspiration to delve into the deep darkness and explore the unknown, or sometimes finding a path that will lead to enlightenment the journey of self discovery. Navigating through inquiry can...

Cultivating Awareness

Cultivating Awareness: Befriending your Energetic Life Force

What is awareness, I am referring to Body Cultivating Awareness through Inner Connection. I do emphasis this because we have not been taught how to create an authentic relationship with ourselves nor with others. What does authentic mean? It means being real, coming from an authentic space of wholeness. When you are Aligned with your Authentic Self, Life Manifests Fully Your energetic life force is the intimacy that is established within you. When this part of yourself isn’t recognized, it’s a piece of you that feels and is neglected. We all focus on the physical, and mental body for health. The energetic body, your soul, spirit, needs to also...


Breathe to De-stress the Body

Attaining Peace Through Your Breath No experience is needed to practice yoga or meditation techniques, this is all about learning how to connect with your body through breathing. When we surrender the need to figure it all out and learn how to just let go we are entering a space of experiencing our body and mind.”The moment of stillness, the moment of connection when you can just be within your own senses, mind and body, and listen to what is happening internally, this is the first step to manifesting well being.  With the pressure, we are living under now, societal and personal. Living through uncertain and difficult times, social...


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