Self Mastery

By suggesting this, what am I hinting at, Self-mastery? Human beings are complex, intricate with diverse traits, yet we share common desires for self-acceptance, self-love, moments of nourishment, and happiness in various ways. The hindrance to our progress often stems from expectations, fear, lack of self love and impatience. A common theme that I work with often in clients, some questions that are usually asked: When will I find happiness? Have I met my twin flame? I’m uncertain about my career. I feel negativity from others and it affects me. People around me drain my energy. I struggle to commit. I can’t stop watching pornography. I’m unsure about my...


How Conscious Dance Helps You Embrace the Divine Feminine

Guest blogger Parashakti founder of Dance of Liberations (TM) shares her experience in this article. Many beings are seeking to tap into the wild, free, liberated energy that is the essence of our true nature. Deep down, we want to honour our own voices and shine our light, yet sometimes it’s hard to know how. One of the most powerful ways I’ve found to really connect with and liberate one’s inner truth is through the art of Conscious Dance. What is Conscious Dance? There are many forms of Conscious Dance, such as ecstatic dance, somatic movement therapy, or my signature modality, the Dance of Liberation (TM). Many include elements...


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