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Kundalini & Shamanic Tantra Awakening

As we come out of the cold weather, and begin the new season of Spring. This is the cycle of new beginnings, new projects, to birth new ideas, and bring them to fruition. The warmth of the sun shines down, igniting energy to move forward. New creation develops during the early months, the buds awaken …

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Increase Your Well-being

The cool weather is approaching, autumn brings in colourful wonderment as the scenery shows it’s beautiful leaves transforming and radiating on the trees, falling slowly to the ground. Walking along the forest, a cooling sensation throughout the body, the wind engages with the blowing leaves. Winter brings the lingering months of darkness, as we deepen …

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Breathe to De-stress the Body

Attaining peace through your Breath No experience is needed to practice yoga or meditation techniques, this is all about learning how to connect with your body through breathing. When we surrender the need to figure it all out and learn how to just let go we are entering a space of experiencing our body and …

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