Health Benefits of Nutrition for a Healthy Body

 “A healthy mind is in a healthy body” – Juvenal

To live a healthy and invigorating lifestyle, it is encouraged for a healthy mind, body, and soul, to have a nourishing diet and to be active everyday. It is essential for an active mind and a healthy body! Your mind can be stress-free with proper eating and exercise. And to make all these things possible, YOGA is a great alternative for activity. 

The relationship between balanced nutrition and exercise can be termed “Carpe Diem” with the physiological and biological balance in your body and your emotions. Yoga is a contemplative activity requiring devotion and dedication with a healthy diet this will increase your vitality and increase a positive mindset. What does a healthy diet require? Successful introduction of micro and macronutrients into your diet is required through ingesting the proper foods such as minerals, vitamins, fibers, carbohydrates, proteins and grains to keep your body’s homeostasis on scale. If you are interested in starting a Plant Based diet here are some options to consider:

A Checklist of Nutrients that Boost your Body’s Hormones for a Healthy Mind and Body:

  • Proteins: Intake of proteins aids you in maintaining your bone’s strength, a satisfied appetite, and gives strength to your muscles. It oxygenates your body with a regular digestive system along with proper blood regulation in your body. It is rich in soy, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.
  • Minerals: Such as magnesium, calcium is found in fresh vegetables. It is helpful for body fluids and keeps body tissues, nerve cells, and muscles functioning correctly. All these things are the core of a proper diet and Yoga exercise. For this try to intake vegetables such as dark leaf vegetables, such as kale and fresh grains such as beans, in your diet for this valuable nutritional source.
  • Omega- 3 Fatty Acids: Fatty acids helps in the genuine regulation of bones, brain, and the cardiac system. It also reduces inflammation. However, try to have plant oils, such as olive oil, and coconut oil to increase your intake in your diet. 
  • Vitamins: Essential nutrients for a healthy body. Its primary function is to improve the immune system and lessen illness. Try including in your diet more green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Recommendation for Nutrition that Benefits your Body in Terms of a Yogic Lifestyle and diet:

  • Try to eat food that does not take a long time to digest, i.e. vegetables, grains, legumes etc.
  • Vegetables, grains, millets, contain fibre and will give energy for a longer period of time.
  • Yoga aids digestion, can maximize your healthy lifestyle even with detoxification.
  • Try Yogic teas that have ginger, lemon, cardamon, nutmeg etc., help with eliminating toxins from your body.
  • Try to plant a garden in your backyard, to have fresh vegetables free of harsh chemicals.

A healthy diet with exercise helps you enhance your entire system, which is the primary goal for stress management. Regular food nourishment of your body revitalizes your digestive organs and makes them function adeptly. A healthy diet is crucial just as exercise, keeping your wellbeing in balance. Your hormones also benefit, providing all necessary nutrients to the brain and body.

For yoga practice, include a well-balanced diet; to help maintain sugar levels during exercise to avoid feeling tired and weary. 

Try a yoga lifestyle and a Plant based food plan! Get started NOW!

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