The Benefits of Conscious Breathing 

The Benefits of Conscious Breathing

Breathwork as become a huge trend now, and there is every reason as to why it is being practice more. The more effectively yo breath the more efficient your body will function. Many people live as chest breathers all their life because we have not been taught how to breathe properly. Yes there is a skill to this technique, that can be learned through practicing yoga, meditation and through breathing exercises. As we enhance our knowledge to the benefits of breathing you will realize the maximum benefits that are created within the body that brings out a healthier state of mind.

Yogic breathing or plain breathwork maintains your metabolism in balance and helps your cardiovascular system. Breathing releases obstructions in the body opening up channels where oxygen can flow efficiently through the entire system.

Conscious and Unconscious Breathing

Conscious breathing is when you are aware of how you are breathing, conscious if you are breathing from your chest or from your diaphragm. The proper technique is to be breathing from the diaphragm. When breathing from the chest it means an inhalation is not fully being received into the diaphragm, it stops at the chest creating difficulties with breathing and this can also increase high blood pressure. Chest breathing is unconscious breathing because most people are unaware of their breathing technique. Inhaling fully into the diaphragm and exhaling deeply allows the system to settle and relax into a calmer state. When a person is stressed and full of extra substances, such as coffee, this can increase your heart rate. Becoming aware of these bad habits will influence your breathing each day.

When you consciously inhale deeply your mind becomes aware of your body and you can have the opportunity to listen to your inner messages or signals that your body is sending to you. Thinking positive while you inhale will help you absorb oxygen effectively and the opportunity to release negative thoughts.

Benefits of Breathing 

Yoga practice is about asanas with meditation, and correct breathing:

  • Breathing, long and deep inhalations directly connects with the nervous system, which ultimately relaxes your mind and makes you conscious of your state. 
  • While practicing Yoga, the sequenced inhaling and exhaling of air helps reduce stress and makes you tension free. 
  • It is the most beneficial tactic for athletes as it encourages and enhances the energy level and gives emotional and physical confidence to individuals. 
  • Take long breaths to calm your nerves and improve your sleep. 
  • Breathing overall improves lung functioning and betters the immune system. 
  • The breathing process also increases cognitive abilities with mindfulness.
  • It also helps reduce cravings for those trying to quit addictions. 

When you inhale and exhale with deep concentration, it opens you to new emotions and feelings that help develop clear visions and set new goals. Because of it, hormonal balance, normal blood regulation, great cognitive sensibilities, senses and more increases. Breath-work cleanses your mind and body, which helps with making clear decisions in your life. 

When you breathe, it automatically calms your mind, frees you from physical and emotional stresses and at the end of the practice, you feel good at your utmost. Breathing with meditation helps you explore your new inner world without disturbing thoughts and pains. It is also a source of enlightenment for the mind, body and your soul. 

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