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Founder of Embody Divine Wellness for Soul Development. An Intuitive Embodiment Coach, Clinical Natural Nutrition Practitioner, Clinical Hypnosis Consultant, Breathwork Facilitator, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga Teacher.

Renowned as a clairvoyant a Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner.

I began my adventure in the holistic wellness field over 20 years ago.

My goal is to teach you how to create inner embodiment and integration through learning how to trust accessing your intuitive nature.

I have been on a quest of inquiry, studying the embodiment of spiritual and holistic wellness, divine feminine teachings, spiritual practices, and Shamanism. I have extensively travelled and offered yoga workshops, experienced Ayahuasca, studied mystical and alchemical healing modalities with well-known Shamans and teachers.

"Guidance, to bring out your Inner Treasure"

” My experience with spiritual healing began when I was 8 years old, and living in Ecuador. An illness was depleting my body and nobody could help me. I was in the hospital and no treatment was able to stop me from dehydrating, until I received a Shamanic healing.  In desperate search of a solution for my wellbeing and health, my mother took me to a well-known Amazonian  medicine man - a Shaman - and I was healed right away.  The next day I was well and on my way to recuperating. This experience lived within me and sparked a curiosity that led me to dive deeper into exploring alternative therapies. I was very intrigued by how the spiritual world assists with healing. I was determined to explore and learn modalities to understand the energetic realm that exists.

My expertise with Kundalini, Tantra and Shamanic yoga, breathwork and meditation has given me the tools to implement nourishing, inspiring, knowledge, leading from my heart centre, promoting health and wellness.

I have also explored  Mystery Schools, that are known for teaching ancient knowledge and techniques for enlightenment. The Path of The Mystic, helped me merge deeply into intense training with Tantra, Shamanic Journeying, Mystical teachings,  Celestial Connections, the Priestess Sisterhood, Energy Medicine, Avalon, Celtic, Egyptian, Hindu, Tao, Buddhist and Tantric Goddesses.

I have created Embody Goddess Yoga, Embody Goddess Breath work, and Sacred Yoni Yoga, focusing on women's health.

I can guide you on learning how to increase wellness, your intuitive abilities, create more vitality, clarity, passion in life and most of all creating peace within.

If you feel that you are living a life that feels constricted and you are craving to change, wanting to start a new career, a healthier lifestyle or even experiencing a spiritual awakening.

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The benefit of a holistic approach is that different factors are considered during a consultation that a conventional route does not take.

For example, if you are experiencing health problems with IBS, Hormonal imbalance, Lichen Sclerosis, Menopause, High blood pressure, fertility, etc. I consider your eating habits, sleeping patterns, emotional well-being, physical wellness, spiritual well-being, your constitution. There are many factors that play a role in your symptoms.

I do emphasis on women's health to create a healthy connection with your body. If you have experienced breast cancer I can help guide you with techniques to help with the lymphatic system.

My methods are tools that dig deep to bring out what is causing your symptoms.

It's not just about enlightenment and achieving your goals that I work on, its also about restructuring your inner landscape to be able to create the life where you can flourish.

My first consultation is about an hour and a half to be able to go through your health history to be able to assess what is needed for your well being.

When you ignite your inner flame, it will guide you, to strengthen your body, mind and soul connection.

Let's Start!
  • Shed away layers of what no longer serves your body through practice.
  • Learn stress management.
  • Increase your vibration with proper eating.
  • Polish your mind, and create physical strength.
  • Create clarity, vitality, and passion in your life.


Experiencing Spiritual Awakening symptoms such as a Kundalini Awakening, I can guide you through the process.


Remember everyone is at a different stage in their life, spiritually, emotionally and physically. I  incorporate sessions that are individualized accordingly to your constitutional needs, progressing slowly to where you Desire to be! 

The Journey Starts Within

Nourish Your Soul

  • gold-sun

    Shamanic Reiki Master

    Shamanism & Reiki Healing, Medical Intuition, Connection with Celestial Beings, Intuitive Sessions, Goddess Awareness, Mediumship, Transmissions.

  • gold-sun

    Embodiment Coaching

    Embodiment of Mind, Body and Soul, Tantra Tao Techniques, Motivational Hypnosis, Manifest Life Goals, Reduce Stress, Reduce Weight, Increase Vitality, Release Karma, Spiritual Awakening, Flower Essences and Aromatherapy oils.

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    Holistic Nutrition

    Mindful Eating Consultations, Meal Plans for Hormonal Imbalance,  Immunity and Cognitive support, Incorporate Vegan and Vegetarian meals, Weight reduction, Menu Plans for Overall Wellness, Detox.

  • gold-sun

    Kundalini, Shamanic, Tantra Yoga 1000 hours RYT

    Breath work, Mindfulness Meditation, Chakra flow, Mantras, Mudras, Chanting, Yantras, Restorative, Children's, Chair,  Nidra, Hatha, Gentle flow, Post natal, Fertility, Goddesses, Trauma Informed movement, poses and techniques for women who experienced breast cancer. 

    Completing Yoga Therapy, 800 hours specialization in, Women's Health, and Tantric Studies.

E-RYT500 (1)

Disconnection is when we are pulled away from our True Essence living from a place of disempowerment.

True empowerment and embodiment is integration with your Inner Intuitive Self.




Continuing to learn never ends, because it develops Self empowerment. Living in the present moment begins with a healthy lifestyle, integration of the mind, body and soul. Feeling safe and grounded with Mother Earth.  Many live disconnected from their true essence that exists within us all. There are techniques that were taught in Ancient civilizations, we now have access to these great teachings that can be used to fully embrace wellness, to live in peace, be fully centered, and to ignite wholeness.



Live your best, intuitive life.


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