Tap into your Unique Gifts and Ignite your Extraordinary Self!

Embrace wellness, to live in peace, be fully centered, and to ignite wholeness.

Continuing to learn never ends, it is the continuous flow of developing Embodiment. Living in the present moment begins with a healthy lifestyle, integration of the mind, body and soul. Feeling safe and grounded with Mother Earth.

Elizabeth unveils divine embodiment through ancient traditions, a continuous lineage with the Divine Feminine that needs to urgently unfold. She employs tantra and nutrition to create a rebirth of wellness for the body, mind, and soul.

About Elizabeth

Hi I’m Elizabeth, founder of Embody Divine Wellness for Soul Development. A Spiritual Director integrating  Embodiment Coaching, including Trauma informed modalities, Practitioner of Somatic Modalities and Tantra Facilitation, along with Clinical Natural Nutrition and Hypnosis. I also focus on Women's Health such as menopause, peri-menopause, infertility, and hormonal imbalances.

A generalist Yogini of Traditional Hatha teachings, Kundalini (not religious), Shamanic, Kaula Tantra, Tantric Goddesses, postnatal, fertility, prenatal, restorative & Yin yoga, mindfulness meditation and Breathwork YTT 1000 hours.  In training specializing in Yoga Therapy for Women 800 hours and Psychotherapy.

Breathwork includes (somatic, trauma informed, mindfulness, tantric, elemental, kundalini, conscious) great tools for increasing physical well-being and mental clarity. My classes and sessions are intuitive, elevating kundalini  energies to increase your vibe.

I work with ancestral trauma, conditioning and fragmentation that keep us from living life in a way that is authentic and empowering. It is important to let go of limiting beliefs, physical disconnection that keep us from truth and full expression.

I support women with their divine feminine essence, womb disconnection, teaching how to enhance sexual and sensual energies through resetting misconceptions, and understanding  the cyclical flow. My main focus is teaching women to honour their body.

Also renowned as a Mystical Lightworker,  Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner. Over 20 years in the holistic field, teaching and training. I have travelled extensively, studied with well known gurus, Europe, South America, Egypt, India, to the Amazon Jungle with shamanic healers and experienced several Ayahuasca and cacao ceremonies. I grew up with shamanic medicine as my alternative to conventional doctors.

I teach how to access well-being, and deepen intuitive abilities, by connecting with your highest self!  I  enjoy teaching  how to incorporate embodiment, nutrition and somatic movement techniques, that support reducing stress, increasing mental focus, and deepening peace within. Mentorships are individualized sessions or for up to 6 months set up as a deeper form of exploration for learning how to connect with your energetic life force and breath. An initiation into your Spiritual Journey.

Many times physical or mental symptoms persist, and patterns continue. This can be an energetic block related to health imbalances, ancestral and current life experiences. It is about searching for the root cause. My approach with coaching is transformative through  energetically determining the layers that hold you back. My guidance is to help you navigate towards Self Love.

I have deepened my practice through learning Egyptian, Hindu, Tibetan and Celtic Mystery School techniques, esoteric teachings, shamanic journeying,  celestial connections, mystical Tantric teachings, energy intuitive medicine and more. Shamanism, energy healing have been around since the beginning of time we have been pushed away from the deep knowledge that exists from this practice. Ancient teachings hold deep wisdom that can be applied in todays hectic life.

You may ask yourself what is Tantra, well it isn't just sex. Tantra is a way of living your Magical life. It is about embodying the divine essence within you. Living from your life force. And why is this important you may ask? Well when you can ground your life force and regulate your entire system, you have the capability to embrace yourself, when you can embrace self love, you live life to your fullest with the techniques that will help you cope and  fulfill your life. It doesn't mean that your life will be transformed to blissful rainbows each day, maybe at times yes, but no, it means you will have the tools that will increase consciousness and clarity to be able to cope with life's challenges.

I have incorporated what I have learned  into my practice, courses and sessions. I am passionate about sharing the joy of connection that I have experienced through embodiment.

Working in this field for several years I have come to realize that the client will only transform if they are willing to take on the devotion to practice. Many times the client is not ready and misinformed about the process of the spiritual healing journey.  Anxiety is at an all high and the simple truth is that it is related to a dis-regulated nervous system. There are many alternatives to bring back this balance, and it is not through energy healing only.  Many believe that having someone else clear them and bring energy healing to them will solve the problem. Many people live disembodied from their bodies with a limited belief that energy healing from someone else is the only alternative to release them from their negative attachments. 

It goes beyond this, you must learn to empower yourself, knowledge is power, and when you empower yourself, you hold the key to change your life and body. When this realization, awareness happens, you increase your frequency to align with your goals and to your ability to manifest your desires. It is imperative to ground yourself to be able to live a resilient life with clarity and strength to bounce off what is not in your highest good.

Let's get started book an appointment and start with Empowering you, towards EMBODIMENT! Let me guide you and teach you how to incorporate tools that can inspire you to live with more love, harmony and peace.








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