Wellness and Spiritual Coaching

Wellness Coaching, Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), Yoga Classes

Awaken, Honor, and Nurture Your Inner Potential

Begin your Spiritual Journey

You are powerful, and you may have forgotten,

it's time to start, and awaken your divine self! 



  • Transform your uncertainties, and fear into love and acceptance.
  • Transition from the old indoctrinated way of thinking and create a new way of living.
  • Release your stuck feelings and learn to radiate.
  • Become inquisitive about  your spiritual awakening.
  • Get rid of out dated beliefs to truth and freedom.
  • Convert Stress and past traumas to a sense of peace.
  • Restore your blueprint and activate your soul power.
  • Ignite your psychic abilities and kundalini energies.
  • A healthy mindset from thinking lack of, to thinking opportunities and growth.

Journey with me!

Wellness Detox

Energy Healing

Increase your Inner Connection


Wellness Coaching

Holistic Wellness

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Mystical Goddess

Mystical Wellness

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De-stress your life and live from a calmer state of being

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Yoga and Spiritual Courses


I have been on an awakening journey of inner growth, and self-discovery, for several years, embracing the integration of mind, body, and soul. I have done this through travelling and exploring many countries, and sacred sites. I’ve been drawn to different cultures, traditions, mystical paths, yoga retreats, and teachings of ancient Amazonian Shaman wisdom.

My life purpose led me to study holistic nutrition, hypnosis, Kundalini yoga,  Shamanism, breath work, and Tantric studies of the Divine Feminine.

I am clairvoyant and intuitive. I have integrated what I have learned into teachings, sessions and online courses. My inspiration is to offer spiritual guidance, mixed with wellness, and mentorship for men and women.


Kind Words


Kind Words



Elizabeth helped guide me through the most challenging time in my life, when I was struggling with Cancer.  I am always and forever grateful to her for her warmth, her dedication, her charisma, and her professional knowledge that supported me through this devastating time in my life.  

- Greg P., CEO



Elizabeth is so awake, I highly recommend her and thank her for helping me access my intuitive abilities, my Higher Self, and understanding the importance of connecting with the Divine Feminine Goddess.

- Helen N., Stay at Home Mom



I was so amazed with my first Tantra yoga class with Elizabeth. By the end of the class I understood how to work with my body and how important it is to breathe. I felt an extreme sense of peace rushing through me. Since that first class I have been Elizabeth’s client for over 6 years. 

- Linda E., Retired Business Owner