Embody Divine Wellnessᵀᴹ

Awaken, Honor, and Nurture Your Inner Potential


Begin your Spiritual Journey with developing your Soul Connection!

Spiritual development courses and sessions for soulful living!

Shift into a Higher State of Consciousness


You are the Creator of your thoughts, increase your positive thoughts and you will shift

your reality and increase your frequencies.

If you think negative thoughts and live in fear, this will be your reality.

Your words are energy and carry frequencies, so what you say, think

and your actions influence your life.

Your words, thoughts, actions are vibrating since everything is energy.

So the vibrations of your deeds, thoughts, actions, words, are attracting and creating

your perceptions, your reality, every second of the day.

Scientifically this has been proven through quantum physics.


Uplift your Spirit, Raise your Vibration, Increase your Bliss and Stay Energized!

Everyday there is new research surfacing indicating that your body has the ability to heal itself from illness, pain and suffering.  Gurus in ancient times proved this to be true.

Sometimes yes we need a little nudge in the right direction to find the right path. I can guide you towards well-being, energy healing, wholeness, and vitality.

We all have the brilliance within to shine proficiently, the ability to be healthy, to live a productive life, without mind clutter, stress and poor self-perceptions.

We all deserve love, kindness and compassion.

Healing is about finding the inner key within you to to unlock your inner treasure, your inner tools of self empowerment!

Shifting to a new paradigm begins with awareness and rising up to the new levels of awakening. Increasing your awareness of Self uplifts within, your inner gifts that are buried deep inside of you.

Transmute and shift your energy for your own well-being!

  • Are you feeling stress, fatigue?
  • Emotionally drained with aches and pains?
  • Your body's energetic life source feels depleted?
  • Are you questioning life around you and it doesn't make sense?
  • Perhaps you have been experiencing a transition from the old ways to creating a new form of living?
  • Do you want to move away from feeling stuck?
  • Are you inquisitive about delving into your spiritual awakening?
  • Or interested in learning to add on to your current skills or start a new career?

If this is your moment of transition that you are living through at this moment. I can support and guide you with a personalized plan that is tailored to your goals and lifestyle.

Learn to connect with your intuitive guidance.

Learn to set up a meditation practice, including chakra connection and breathing integration.

I will teach you strategies for nourishment, and for stressful situations.

If you are ready to change the way that you think, feel positive so you can live your life with more strength, energy, joy, freedom and vitality!

Book a session today! Let's get STARTED!





Through personalized coaching sessions, I’ll work alongside you to develop an integrated plan to achieve full body awareness and wellness—often combining the practices of nutrition, yoga, energy healing, kundalini awakening, hypnosis, meditation, breathing,  and more

My vision is to teach how to connect with your  inner knowing, to ignite your inner journey, to no longer live life imprisoned by limitations, and to reawaken your innate guru within.



Begin your Transformation:

  • Stress management to reduce tension and pain.
  • Reclaim inner balance through increasing your inner connection. 
  • Mindfulness and a Somatic approach
  • Trauma Informed movement for awareness.
  • Mindful optimism, create inner peace.
  • A holistic approach to understand your health symptoms, how to nourish your body and not continue with the same repetitive patterns.
  • Strengthen your nervous system with breathing exercises.
  • Turn your mind from thinking lack of, to thinking of opportunities and growth.
  • Well-being requires nourishment through proper food choices, fitness and somatic awareness for wellness.
  • Increase your Intuitive awareness.

Join my courses, workshops and sessions to begin your journey, rediscovering yourself and awakening your true potential!

Embody Divine Wellness

Your Body Is A Sacred Temple

Your body is not a mystery, awareness is a choice, you have the power to take control and be healthy.  Live in your body and mind with consciousness, love, and respect.  Work with your temple, honor it.

To align your body and to live with more joy and peace, increase your vibration!

Live with a higher and focused consciousness:

  1. Increase your body flow:  Through my courses, workshops and sessions learn how to increase your energetic connection.
  2. Awaken your Mind: Techniques to help with long term stress, release tension,  and mind clutter.
  3. Movement: Release pain, increase strength, flexibility, release stagnant energy.
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Plant based diet for sustainability. Healthy food choices for a healthy mind and body.


Yoga Courses

Increase your kundalini for self development!



Increase your mindset, release Karma with Past Life and Akashic sessions.


One on One Yoga Sessions

Private sessions for strength, flexibility,  decrease pain and increase inner connection.


Spiritual Direction

Manifest and Enhance Spiritual Connection, your intuitive and psychic abilities.



Increase homeostasis with breathwork. Learn how to work with your energy body, restructure and regulate your body. 


Energy Healing

Soul retrieval, activations, clearing, energy wounding and ancestral healing.


Goddess Embodiment

Embody the Goddess with sessions and courses.



Embody Goddess Breathwork

Increase your Energetic Life Force through your breath and Goddesses


Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness For All

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Mystical Goddess

Mystical Wellness

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De-stress your life and live from a calmer state of being

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Yoga and Spiritual Courses


The Path to Transformation

Begins with your Inner Temple, knowing your body.

Accessing inner growth, self-development, to achieve well-being.

Each person has within, the tools to transform and access a flow of internal energy.


Embodiment with Yoga and Spiritual Courses

  • Increase Intuition by awakening the innate magic that resides within you.
  • Connect with the Divine Feminine and the heights of spiritual wisdom to increase your connection with your higher self.
  • Understand your Rhythm
  • Manifest your goals and ignite your passion
  • How to create Authentic Intimate relationships with more vulnerability and openness
  • Increase your energetic body and inner power
  • Heart connected experiences, learn to experience bliss

Upcoming Embody Divine Wellness Courses


I have been on an awakening journey of inner growth, and self-discovery, for several years, embracing the integration of mind, body, and soul. I have done this through travelling and exploring many countries, and sacred sites. I’ve been drawn to different cultures, traditions, mystical paths, yoga retreats, and teachings of ancient Amazonian Shaman wisdom.

My life purpose led me to study holistic nutrition, hypnosis, Kundalini yoga,  Shamanism, breath work, and Tantric studies of the Divine Feminine.

I am clairvoyant and intuitive. I have integrated what I have learned into teachings, sessions and online courses. My inspiration is to offer spiritual guidance, mixed with wellness, and mentorship for men and women.


Kind Words


Kind Words



Elizabeth helped guide me through the most challenging time in my life, when I was struggling with Cancer.  I am always and forever grateful to her for her warmth, her dedication, her charisma, and her professional knowledge that supported me through this devastating time in my life.  

- Greg P., CEO



Elizabeth is so awake, I highly recommend her and thank her for helping me access my intuitive abilities, my Higher Self, and understanding the importance of connecting with the Divine Feminine Goddess.

- Helen N., Stay at Home Mom



I was so amazed with my first Tantra yoga class with Elizabeth. By the end of the class I understood how to work with my body and how important it is to breathe. I felt an extreme sense of peace rushing through me. Since that first class I have been Elizabeth’s client for over 6 years. 

- Linda E., Retired Business Owner